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- John H.

Coleen and Bob at Samovar Cafe

Coleen and Bob at Samovar Cafe

In the past, many years ago you used to post pictures of where you have been. Do you still do that?

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I haven't done that for a while. I should. Sometimes it is easy to forget the obvious. Thanks for the reminder.

Most RVers take a lot of photos. Bob and I capture memories, but seldom use film. Even with a digital camera, I don't take many pictures. In fact, we took a Caribbean cruise this spring that included time in Cozumel, Mexico, and Belize City, Belize. Afterward, I realized that we didn't take a single photograph during the entire trip.

Here's one photo of us, Bob and Coleen, your RVing editors. This picture was taken in Nikolaevsk, Alaska. Nikolaevsk is a Russian Village. We stopped at Samovar Cafe for lunch and were treated to a Russian experience. The cafe gift shop reads like a museum. Nina, the owner, not only prepared a Russian meal for us, but answered questions, provided the Russian hat and shawl you see us wearing, and took the photo.

I'll try to be better about getting more photos of us and our travels posted.


Bob has very funny hair!

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