RVers Work with Kids: Job Ideas for RVers Wanting to Work with Children

Is working with kids while RVing even a thing, asks one of our readers? Are there jobs for RVers that work with children? RVers work with kids, in all sorts of positions. Campers who prefer working with children have many job options, from summer camp to pumpkin patches. Many RV-home business also center around kids, such as clowning and tutoring. This articles gives you ideas of jobs that involve children of all ages.

Jobs and RV-Home Based Businesses that Let You Work with Kids

Here's a list of more than 100 ways working campers and RVers can work with children of all ages, babies through teens.

  • Magician
  • Make and sell cloth dolls and doll clothes
  • Nanny
  • School bus driver
  • School teacher traveling with the circus

  • Seasonal retail in toy stores or children's clothing shops
  • Ski resort child care worker
  • Substitute school nurse
  • Substitute school cafeteria workers
  • Summer camp counselors

  • Adventure travel group leader
  • Adventureland theme park employee
  • Work at Walt Disney World
  • Working as a clown
  • Working fall pumpkin patches or corn mazes or hay rides

  • Working mini golf
  • Teaching preschool
  • Theme park costume character
  • Tutoring
  • Vending sand art or other items that appeal to children at fairs and other events

  • Work at a musk ox farm tourist attraction
  • Work at a reindeer farm tourist attraction
  • Work at a steam railroad tourist attraction
  • Work at a water park
  • Working pop-up Halloween shops

  • Working the petting zoo
  • Working water slides or other recreation venues aimed at children
  • Working with the children's programs as ski resorts
  • Write personalized letters to kids from Santa
  • Day care worker

  • Disneyland workers
  • Disney World employee
  • Face painter
  • Kids programs at state and national parks 
  • Summer school teacher

  • Swimming lesson instructor
  • Teacher that travels with the carnival or circus
  • Life guards
  • Ballet instructor
  • Balloon artists

  • Campground kids' activities such as ghost stories around the campfire or teaching them how to fish
  • Child care worker at ski resort
  • Childcare at casinos
  • Costumed characters at amusement parks
  • Junior ranger program

  • Counselor at summer youth programs
  • Amusement ride owner and operator
  • Advice columnist for kids or teens
  • Aerial performer
  • Aerobics instructor

  • After school program assistant
  • Amusement park campground workers
  • Write personalized letters to kids tooth fairy
  • Amusement park costumed character
  • Fair ride owner and operator
  • Amusement park tour guide
  • Amusement park interpreter
  • Amusement parks - entertainer
  • Amusement parks – food service
  • Amusement parks - game operators 

  • Amusement parks - maintenance repair
  • Amusement parks - mechanics
  • Amusement parks - retail workers
  • Amusement parks - ride operators
  • Amusement parks - tram drivers

  • Arts and crafts teacher
  • Baby nurse
  • Costumed mascot
  • Children’s camp activities director
  • Bicycle repair

  • Babysitting at a casino
  • Babysitting at a ski resort
  • Babysitting at special events
  • Babysitting for individuals
  • Babysitting: work for individual or agency

  • Children’s camp worker
  • Children’s book author
  • Classroom teacher's aid
  • Clown at children’s parties
  • Day care provider

  • Lots of the jobs at theme parks and tourist attractions involve kids
  • Working as Santa or the Easter bunny
  • Coach sports teams
  • Magic and mimes
  • Substitute school custodian

  • Children’s photographer
  • Draw children’s portraits
  • Child care at grocery stores or motels or other businesses that offer it for their customers
  • Child care center attendant
  • Substitute teacher's aide

  • Baby sitting
  • Amusement park staff
  • Adventure program office staff
  • Adventure program trip packer
  • Substitute school teacher

  • Work at Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Work at Beech Bend Park, an amusement park in Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Work at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri
  • Work at Six Flags Amusement Parks
  • Work at Dollywood

  • Work at golf courses and country clubs
  • Summer school classroom assistant at private tutoring company
  • Childcare at campgrounds and RV parks
  • Work at visitors center
  • Activities planner

  • Adventure program cooks
  • Adventure program maintenance
  • Actor at renaissance fairs
  • Actor at theme park
  • Actor in theater dramas or plays

These jobs and ways RVers can earn a living working with children was compiled from numerous sources. RVers who work with kids have done these jobs have shared their experiences with us. Bob and I have done some of them. Some have been listed in the Temporary or Seasonal sections in the Help Wanted ads of newspapers. Others are positions that have been advertised by temporary staffing firms. This is by no means a complete list of the all the ways RVers work with children, but it certainly should give you lots of ideas and kinds of work to consider.


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