RVers with Horses

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Experienced Horse People

Experienced Horse People

We are RV'ers with horses looking for work. Coleen, how do we specifically look for horse related jobs with your site? We are experienced horse people.

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Working while RVing with Horses

To find job postings on the website that specify horses, use the site search function. You'll find it on our blog page. Enter "horse" into the box and click the Search button. I just tried it and it showed five pages of entries.

Here are some additional thoughts on RVing with horses.

We have a profile of the McGrews on our website. They are traveling with horses and working RVers, too. Barbara shares some excellent insights. To read their profile, click here.

Take a look at the Agriculatural Jobs section, also. You may find some ideas there that you can use. Articles on ranch sitting, property caretaking, and rodeo jobs are some that may help.

What kind of work do you want (or can you do) with your horses? You might give (sell) rides at flea markets, fairs, rodeos, and festivals. Perhaps you could give horse drawn carriage rides. Or, lead hiking, hunting, or fishing trips.

Another angle would be to sell something horse related. Or, perhaps something old-timey. You could then have your horses on hand for demonstrations or props. They would certainly give your vendor booth authenticity.

Speaking of demonstrations, perhaps you could demo and teach safety lessons. Or, how to properly groom a horse. Or how to use a forge.

Since you are horse people, I'm sure these few ideas will spur a whole slew of other options for you.

Go from this page about working while RVing with horses to the Workers On Wheels Work for RVers and Campers blog.

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