RVers Vending at Flea Markets, Fairs, Festivals, Shows, and Special Events

RVers vending at flea markets and special events sell products and services. Festivals, swap meets, RV rallies, fairs, home and trade shows, and exhibits are other sales venues for RVing vendors.

Flea Marketing - Our Personal Experience as Working RVers Selling at Markets Flea marketing and the RV lifestyle are extremely compatible. For the first several years that we were full-timers, we worked as flea market vendors. We sold what we termed dignified merchandise.

Flea Market Vending Allows for Frequent Moves or Settling In for the Season Flea market vending while full-time RVing lets us choose how often we relocate and how many new markets we work. We can also choose the size of our booth display, making it suitable for any size rig.

Selling Jewelry: Handmade, Vintage, or Cheap Costume Bling Selling jewelry is popular with working RVers. Jewelry sells at craft shows, flea markets, fairs, antique shows, etc. Match the venue with bling -- handmade, vintage, or cheap costume jewelry.

Flea Market Supplies and a Bit on the Lifestyle of Vending While Full-time RVing Flea market sale days require supplies. It is necessary to have coins and small bills to use in making change. Have a cash box, money apron, fanny bag, or some secure place to put sale proceeds.

Consigning Stuff: How We Made Extra Money Getting Rid of Extra Things Consigning stuff isn't a fancy way to say it, but it is what we did. We sold used merchandise at a consignment store. This one resembled an indoor flea market with vendor booths and a store clerk.

Clark's Flea Market Guide - The Original and Still Favorite Swap Meet Directory Clark's Flea Market Guide, officially titled, The Original Clark's Flea Market U.S.A., a National Directory of Flea Markets & Swap Meets. This is the book for vendors and for buyers.

These Flea Market Supplies Can Improve Your Day at the Swap Meet Extensive flea market supplies aren't necessary. Having these things to improve your displays, make sales easier, and make you more comfortable can sure make a day at the swamp meet more successful.

Choosing A Flea Market: How Do You Do It? How do RVers go about choosing a flea market? Fiddler's Flea Market owners ask. An experienced full-time RVer and vendor explains the importance of Clark's, parking, and pets.

A Good Flea Market Guide Tells You More Than the Market’s Name and Location A good flea market guide is essential for flea market vendors. It gives you names, locations, dates, times, and contact information. A good directory also gives you extra details about the markets.

Show Booths – 18 Tips to Make Them a Sales Success Show booths work well for us. Our booth is usually busy. Our sales are good. We recently set up selling Watkins products and had another success. Here are some of the reasons why our booth was a hit.

Supplemental Income: A Second (or Third) Source of Income Makes Life Easier A supplemental income -- a second source of money -- takes the pressure off when your regular way of earning a living falters. Multiple streams of income make it easier for working RVers. In this article, Bob shares about work he did when we were set up at a flea market and sales were on the slow side.

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