RV Working Part-time In GA

- Sheila Kelly
(Bushnell, FL USA)

I would like to work as a campground host only during the summer months. Are these jobs available & who should I contact? I would like something in GA for this summer. Thank you, Sheila.

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Camphosting In GA State Parks

Hi Sheila,

Many camphost jobs are seasonal. It's pretty common for RVers to host in a park for only a few months at a time. So, what you want to do should fit right in!

If you want to be a campground host at a Georgia State Park, you can find more information at the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites website. Once you are at their website, you'll see a Volunteer button link. That page gives you more info on how to apply. There's also a graph that shows which parks have volunteer camphost openings available for what dates.

Also, check our Help Wanted ads. And, of course, if you know where you'd like to camphost, look up campgrounds in that area and contact them directly. This is true for both government (such as state or county parks) and private campgrounds and RV resorts.

GA State Parks

My husband and I did volunteer campground hosting for GA State Parks for about 18 months and we loved it. Each park has different work requirements and hours for your full hook-up site. You meet and work with such wonderful people in these parks. We worked in Savannah, Pine Mountain and Fargo (Okefenokee Swamp). We plan to go back to more volunteering with these state parks.

We started our fulltiming by volunteering with the state parks and have never regretted it.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy this lifestyle. It is the best ever for us.

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