RV Snowbirding Winter Positions

- Larry
(North Dakota)

Have question pertaining to all those good snowbirds out there. Most RV workcamping jobs listed are from May to October. There should be listings that would be from October to April, per say. It would be something for the snowbirds to ponder. I myself may be interested in doing so.

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Jobs for Snowbirding RVers

Hi Larry,

RV parks in the southern states do use RVing snowbirds during the winter months. I think the reason you aren't seeing many of those ads is because of the time of year.

Parks looking for help for this winter season have most of their help in place. When they let us know the positions are filled, we update the website accordingly.

It is a bit early for them to be advertising for next winter.

That doesn't mean there aren't openings now, or that you can't find a job now. But, those ads would indicate an immediate need, not be seeking someone for the season. And, it is more likely that with the snowbirds at their winter destinations, that the park managers would fill these immediate needs with folks already there, rather than to advertise.

Snowbirds Workamping

To the couple looking for RV workamping, usually start running ads on line in August for the November to May season. Some may need you longer if you are willing. This holds true for South Georgia and northern Florida.

Also have heard in some campgrounds in Florida areas they want you to stay for a whole season to see if it works out. You should be sure to ask this first thing and any other questions you might have. Don`t wait until you get there to ask on any matters, even if you want to go to church. That's one thing we forgot to ask when we looked into workamping in a Michigan campground; some people don`t mind missing church, but we do.

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