RV Park Reviews for Working Campers

(an RVer asks...)

I would like to see someone start an honest RV park review type page about their experiences work camping at the RV parks and resorts. Kind of like a YELP for employers. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Has anyone seen anything like that?

I know if I had had an idea of what a couple places were really like I would have never signed up. I have heard wonderful stories about how work campers have hated to leave, and who love their positions ... to people in tears by abusive bosses. Let's get a real honest opinion of what it is like to work somewhere and let people make up their minds if it is right for them.

Everyone is nice at the interview. My husband was hired as a single workcamper and the manager at the interview was kind and caring and pretty amazing, actually. Soon we found out it was only an interview hat and in six months before we came 25 people quit and put complaints into corporate about the treatment of people. Some people can take that, but in most cases where pay is less than minimum wage I am not willing to do that.

Lets get a rating of employer page with a note. It would save so much grief and time in job hunting. I want to see the true details and then make up my mind what I can live with and what I can't. I find 99% of work campers to be honest and up front about the experiences and I find the employer profiles to be a bit embellished.

Coleen, the editor replies:

Hi Ann,

One of the reasons you probably won't find a site that offers RV park reviews for work campers such as you are looking for is that many people don't know the difference

between fact and opinion. Or, it could be that when they have just been fired their emotions are running so high that they get those two very different things all mixed up.

RVers are wonderful people. But, believe me, your numbers of how many of them accurately recount their job experiences is way off. The human nature of RVers isn't that different from non-RVers. I regularly hear from RVers who are venting or ranting, and are not the least bit objective.

Another reason you don't find those rating systems is that they don't work. What one work camper considers a benefit another sees as a problem. I hear from work campers regarding the same park, and they have completely differing opinions about it.

One will complain that the manager expects them to attend every park function even when they aren't on duty. Another couple praises that manager for helping them feel so welcome and a part of things.

One work camper will write and tell me how much he enjoyed work camping job, especially because he was told what needed to be done and then left to do it as he saw fit. Another work camper will write me about that same park, complaining about how the manager stands over his shoulder and micro-manages every little thing. Same park, same situation, totally different work camper viewpoints.

We do have places on our website where you are encouraged to post about your experiences. There are also places where you are encouraged to post factual information about campgrounds.

If you just need to vent, send me an email to get your frustrations off your chest. That can be extremely helpful. It will save you the embarrassment of having something posted on a website that will later embarrass you.

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