RV Park Karaoke Entertainer

- Jim Baird
(Brackettville, Texas)

The Original Ghost Rider

The Original Ghost Rider

My dream job is to be an RV park Karaoke entertainer. What we never find at parks though is Karaoke! I was sort of a legend in Texas and Arizona at various clubs and used my own equipment to both entertain and serve as a DJ for the audience.

It seems those jobs are only at lodges with restaurants and bars, amusement type venues, etc. Why not at an RV park? Cheaper, closer with folks you know than seeking it locally wherever you are. Some places have cheaper ice cream night or various other activities on a limited basis, but most folks are not sightseeing all day/night.

I would imagine if you were not on some type of travelling circuit schedule that anything long term would be a hybrid position. I'm thinking I would work the office (am computer literate) and other lighter physical duties that would be lacking there, like dog walking/sitting etc.

In a long life you accumulate a ton of experience. My other strong suit would be writing in multiple forms and the intangibles of communicating/exchanging those with others. (Hey, I was a history and psychology major!)

Does anyone else think a position like that would be an extra benefit for campers if it was available 2-3 times weekly?

I'm thinking a modest hourly wage with free hookups would be the norm. I predict the results (tongue in cheek), once I've met the campers and performed, coupled with good advertising (we've got it - they don't), would be that the park would definitely see increased visitors and/or some staying an extra day or two.

Anyway, "That's my story and I'm stickin' to it." (Travis Tritt)

Jim Baird aka Genuine Jim, dreaming of being the RV park Karaoke entertainer.

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