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If I am traveling by RV for my first time, what type of part time help is there and what benefits, as far as pay or staying at campground free while working? Is there time to how long you stay or give notice to go?

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RVing Work Options

It sounds like you are referring to campground work. That varies a lot. A camp host might welcome new guests as they arrive at the park and just be there to make them feel at home. On the other hand, some workampers clean toilets and scrub floors every day.

There's also office work, mowing grass, or being the park activity director. Some RVers are waitresses at the campground restaurant, others clerk at the camp store, and others may paint buildings.

It all depends on what you can do and what you are willing to do -- and what needs to be done.

Pay and benefits range from a free campsite, to minimum wage, to high-end professional salaries. It depends on the deal you make with the volunteer or employer.

Jobs can last from a few hours to years.

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