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Campground Hosts Needed
Looking for self motivated, customer service oriented couples and singles for 2021 seasonal campground hosts. Spend your summer in one of our beautiful campground locations across the United States. All working hours are paid. Host site provided at no additional cost to the employee. Qualifications •Strong customer service skills; enjoys working in an environment of extensive public contact. •Basic manual labor abilities, including an ability and willingness to clean and sanitize facilities with a variety of cleaning agents and chemicals. •Excellent verbal and written communications skills. •Basic record-keeping experience, including money handling. •Must be able to work with minimal supervision, and be able to learn quickly and follow instructions accurately. •Willing to work a flexible work schedule, including regular evenings and weekends Essential Functions •Demonstrates courteousness, and displays a helpful attitude to all visitors. •Performs certain administrative tasks, including basic recordkeeping and fee collection. •Maintains facilities and grounds, including cleaning, sanitizing and stocking of restrooms, emptying trash containers and replacing the liners, cleaning roadways and trails, cleaning campsites, picnic tables, fire rings, grills, and disposing of ashes. •Rakes and grooms sites and public

areas, maintains a litter-free facility, picks up micro-trash such as bottle caps and cigarette butts, maintains outlying areas such as trails, outposts, and rental cabins. •Maintains a good working relationship with fellow employees, governmental agency representatives, and the visiting public. •Registers campers, collects fees, and sells certain retail items such as firewood, ice, and concession goods. •Processes revenues and fee collection data using Company approved forms and procedures. •Familiar with local points of interest, nearby facilities, and local rules and regulations. •Reports problems and any unsafe or hazardous conditions as they are discovered, and will also enforce rules according to internal customer service standards.

Log on to camprrm.com and fill out your application for the 2021 summer season. We are looking forward to hearing from you today!

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