Rodeo Jobs: More than Professional Cowboys

Rodeo jobs aren't just for cowboys and cowgirls. RVers who want to work as part of the rodeo have options beyond bull riding and barrel racing. It takes more than contestants to have a good event.

Riding, roping, racing, and wrestling may be the most visible part of the rodeo. But take another look around the rodeo arena. See the clowns and other specialty act entertainers? See the bullfighters, pick-up men, timers, judges, and announcers? What's a rodeo without them?

Look further behind the scenes and you will find stock contractors, laborers, and photographers. And, while you may never see them, secretaries, accountants, carpenters, and electricians are all part of it, too.

One part of their rodeo job is to thrill and excite the fans. The other is to provide for the cowboys' safety.

Many working the rodeo event are members of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, (PRCA).

The PRCA explains on their website that they are not only the association for professional rodeo cowboys, but that they are there to help cowboys get started. It is the resource for both full-time circuit cowboys and those working an occasional week-end rodeo. They have cowboy applications on their website.

If you want to be a judge at a PRCA rodeo, you'll need to attend one of their judge's seminars.

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association also hires people directly. They have a special Job Opportunities page on their website. The day I checked, they were looking for an accountant.

Here's the contact information for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA):

Attn. Human Resources
101 Pro Rodeo Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: 719-593-8840
Fax: 719-264-4958

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