Responding to Resumes of Working Camper Applicants

Responding to resumes of working campers -- or any employee applicants -- who aren't contenders for the job, isn't the norm. No response probably means the employer is not interested in hiring you.

I'm writing this article in reply to the following comment that I received:

 "I wish that the people who advertise for people to work for them would respond to emails. They give you the email address, and you send in your resume, and you never hear from them. If they are not interested they should tell you." 

It would be nice if employers responded to every working camper who submitted a resume. However, it is unrealistic to expect they will. It's just not how the business world works.

It makes no difference if you submit your resume by email, FAX, or postal mail. Employers quickly scan cover letters and, maybe, the accompanying resume. If it doesn't interest them, it goes in the garbage, or if the agency requires they be kept, goes into a file where it is never looked at again.

If you don't receive a response, it likely means the employer doesn't consider you a good match for the job.

If you are concerned that your emailed resume didn't reach them, do a follow-up contact. Allow some time. If they are looking to fill the position immediately, then follow-up in a couple of days, possibly by phone if a phone number is given. If they are looking to fill a position for next year, then they may not make the decision for several months, so give them longer before contacting them a second time.

It's also possible that the employer did try to contact you but wasn't able to. His email to you may have bounced or been deleted as spam. We receive many inquiries with no contact information, so we can't email, phone, or snail mail a reply. If you are particularly interested in the position, again, take the initiative to follow-up.

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