Research Jobs

- A librarian interested in doing research while RVing writes...
(Doing Research Work While Full-time RVing)

You mention "Researcher" in the Workers On Wheels Newsletter. I'm a librarian at a research university and would love to do research. Since you mentioned it, I wondered if you knew any company that might be hiring researchers.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

My personal experience doing research has been through a temp agency. My assignments were going to the court house and researching various documents to verify information.

For a completely different type of research, my brother-in-law did seasonal work with potatoes at an ag school (university). I don't know much about his actual job duties, other than that it was hands-on, working with the potatoes, and not a paperwork job.

RVers have done research for non-profit organizations, legal firms, temporary staffing firms, and other private corporations, as well as universities and other government agencies.

The university where you currently work would be the perfect place to start.

~~ Readers, if you have done any research jobs, or can add to this discussion, please join in.

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