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With all due respect, the person posting the above might want to take the "us" out of his/her posting.

The "us" who workamp are as varied as is the positions they are looking for. Also I am a bit puzzled as to the "legitimate Work Camping" reference. I would be interested to hear what the OP considered "legitimate".

Some people are retired and just want to keep busy. Some are retired but need to supplement their meager retirement income. Some, like my husband and I, have chosen to travel and work. We are only in our 40's and need to still work for a living. So yes, we would be looking for "jobs". The only thing that binds the "us", is what we live in while doing these things.

Sometimes people get the wrong meaning when the word "workamper" is put out there. "Workamping" basically means, you travel around, most of the time in an RV or travel trailer, working as you go. It does not specifically mean "working while camping", or working at a campground (although it can certainly mean this too)

Most workampers I have run across have never worked in a campground. They have always worked at other jobs, such as contracting, construction, Home Depot, selling Christmas tress/Halloween pumpkins, or hanging Christmas decorations, to name a few.

While the OP may not be looking for a "job", I can assure you, there are plenty of other workampers out there that are looking for just that, either out of need or just wanting to keep busy.

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Workers On Wheels

You make some excellent points. Our original newsletter and website was called "Workers On Wheels" because while we all lived in homes on wheels and worked, many of us did not camp. In the 14 years that we were full-time RVers, we maybe spent 14 days camping.

You'll notice the name of this website is "Work For RVers And Campers." I chose that name very carefully. The site isn't called "Work For Retired People." It isn't called "Work At Campgrounds." It isn't called "Work For Volunteers." The idea here is to include all sorts of work that is suitable for RVers and campers.

Some working RVers and campers are retired. Some do volunteer work. However, the majority of people who work do it for the financial benefits. You hit the nail right on the head when you wrote, "The only thing that binds the "us", is what we live in while doing these things."

I appreciate your well thought out comments.

As a side note, Bob and I were both 32 years old when we started full-time RVing. There was no question that we needed to work for a living. For us, volunteering was, and continues to be, something we do in addition to working to earn a living.

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