Registered Nurse, RVing, or Cruising

- Peggy

I am so interested in becoming a working RVer. I am very interested in different jobs, but will be retiring from being a registered nurse. I am wondering if there are places that would have the need for someone like me.

I would be interested in smaller cruise ship trips and wonder if they will allow my husband to travel with me.

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RVing and Cruise Ship Work for RNs

There's a whole travel nurse industry and they would probably love to have you! Some temp staffing agencies specialize in placing medical professionals. They pay well. I've heard from travel nurses who receive relocation expenses (getting the RV from one assignment to the next), housing (RV park rent), plus a per diem. Of course, with these, your husband could go along.

As for cruise ships, the ship we were on when we took our recent Caribbean cruise did have medical staff on board. It would seem that would be the norm. As for your husband, I'm not sure if he'd be able to travel with you on a cruise gig or not. Though, one way to make sure that he could would be for him to also be employed on the ship.

Aside from nursing jobs, I'm sure your experience helping people and the skills you've acquired over the years could be put to good use. You might look through the pages of the website and get some ideas. It really is wide open, so it depends a great deal on what you want to do.

Full-time RV life truly can be a terrific way to live.

RVing and Cruising Nurses

You'll find more about this at the following link:
Travel Nursing From Your RV

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