Receiving Checks and Mail

(a soon to be working RVer asks...)

My question is about how to work and draw a check? We bought an RV. We live in Ohio. My son is going to be staying at our house. We are going to Virginia and stay there during winter. We want to get jobs, but how do we get checks sent to us? Can we get a PO box up there?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

There are various ways you can go about receiving checks and mail.

Yes, one way is to rent a post office box. Most US Post Offices have boxes to rent. There are some, however, that have a shortage of boxes, and may not have any currently available. Look into it before you decide on this option.

You would then either need to do change of addresses with anyone from who you want to get mail. Or, you would need to have someone send or forward your mail to you.

I recommend using the services of a professional mail forwarder. Specifically, I recommend The UPS Store on West Main Street in Rapid City, SD. You do not need to live in South Dakota to use their service. If you are interested in this option, contact then and tell them that Coleen from Workers On Wheels sent you. The Main Street Rapid City UPS Store's website. Email the W. Main St. Rapid City UPS Store.

If checks are the only mail that you need to receive, you might have them direct deposited into your bank, credit union, or investment firm.

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You Covered Receiving Check and Mail Well

Since your son will be staying in your home, he can package and forward your mail to you periodicly at the location you are staying at. This will save you the cost of a mail forwarding service or renting a mail box.

He may also deposit your checks to your bank account for you. However, a direct deposit option by the payer is your best bet since it gets the $$$ in your account faster and clears immediately, like cash.

I have rental properties, and my tenants deposit their rent checks into my account each month.

Then of course, you can still control your funds and payments through on line banking. It sure simplifies life.

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