Real Job Ads

- Joyce
(Abilene, TX USA)

When my husband retires early next year we want to RV full time and work some time. How do we find out which want ads are for real? Some sound great, but we don't want to travel to the area only to find out it was a mistake.

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Ads Are A Starting Point

Hi Joyce,

First off, you are wise to be skeptical of traveling to an area just for a job. Quite honestly, there is no way to know, based on a Help Wanted ad, if a position is right for you or not.

I believe the vast majority of the ads are real. But, people have different perspectives and interpret things differently from one another. There's no way that the 40 or so words in a typical ad tell you what the employer is looking for, explain the duties and responsibilities of the job, let you know about the pay and benefits, describe the business or employer, and tell you about the culture and working conditions.

Ads are only a starting point.

If you only consider job listings in areas where you'd like to spend time, then traveling there probably isn't a mistake – regardless of whether or not a particular job works out for you.

Re: Real Job Ads

Confirm! Confirm! Confirm! That is the best advice to newbies to the RV working world. Talk with the person you will work with, ask questions, make a cheat sheet to have at the phone with you, writing down the needed information. Confirm start and end dates, working hours, job conditions, pay, etc. And then, when you are on your way, call again to confirm. We had an experience where we had a contract in place, and the minute we drove into the resort, the owner ran up to the RV and said "everything has changed!". What a surprise for us. Luckily, most of the changes were to our benefit, but it may not have been the case. So, trust your instincts and ask others for advice until you are comfortable mapping out your own RV lifestyle.

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