Rating Campgrounds

- Bonnie

We have heard that camping clubs have inspector / rating people that travel all over Canada and the US to their different club resorts.

We would love a job like this, and would appreciate any help that you could give us in who to contact.

We are realtors / property managers that have owned an RV Park in the past. We would like to retire and travel in our new 5th Wheel.

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Campground Ratings and Campground Directory Ad Sales

Hi Bonnie,
Affinity Group Inc. pays people to sell advertising for their campground directories. It is my understanding that these salespeople are also the ones that do the campground ratings.

Here's the contact information:

Woodall Publications Corp.
Woodall's Campground Directory
2575 Vista Del Mar Drive
Ventura, California 93001

Coast to Coast Resorts

Good Sam Club
Trailer Life Directory
Trailer Life Campground / RV Park & Services Directory
PO Box 6888
Englewood, CO 80155-6888

Affinity also owns Camping World, Trailer Life and Motorhome magazines, the RVnet.com website, and a host of other RV and camping related publications, websites, products, and services.

Typically when doing ad sales, you get paid a commission for the sales you make. You are often responsible for your own travel expenses.

If you are selling campground map advertising, the campground usually provides a complimentary RV site while you are working on the map. But, I don't believe that is true when selling ads for campground directories.

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