Rather Work than Exercise or Walk a Dog

- Jerry Marshall
(State Park Worker and Private Campground Worker)

And now I am a fisherman!

And now I am a fisherman!

I have just finished a two month tour of duty with the Florida State Parks at Mayo, FL. It was an excellent assignment! Park rangers, which actually worked and did not expect me to do their job, assumed I had limited "common sense" but a desire to work, which made for a great professional and personal relationship.

The park required five volunteers. Only two (including myself) were able to complete the commitment.

This was my first experience as a camp work/host. It gave me a data base for determining my next assignment and an excellent, current work experience reference.

My current camp/host, which I found via Worker on Wheels, is located in the east Texas area and is seeking a second camp/host worker with general construction background/experience. This is a new, private, non-public, RV park (25 sites) seeking seniors, full/part time RVs that want a quite, beautiful, scenic, Christian, atmosphere midway between Houston and Dallas, who are seeking such private tranquility. Since this is a non-public RV park, the only advertisement is through word of mouth of present RV campers to other like-minded friends or relatives, with whom you would like as neighbors. So far, this is what I have been looking for as a home-base, working 20 hours/week with the flexibility of still being able to travel during the year.

(Note: For my peace-of-mind, the way I figure my $$ worth, is to divide the weekly rate by the minimum wage and this get me the numbers of hours...just a thought, it works for me.)


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