Publishing Recipes

- William B.

As a chef, I would also like to submit simple recipes to have published. I would like to have these articles help pay for my future travels. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Getting Your Recipes Published

Hi William,

Look through most any magazine these days and you'll find they have recipes in them. While there are many opportunities, there is also a lot of competition.

As a chef, do you have a specialty? That could be your ticket into the magazine.

For instance, say you specialize in dishes made with fresh salmon. Check out fishing magazines. Look for regional magazines, such as Alaska Magazine, that serve an area where salmon is plentiful. Or, look to those that focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of submitting just a recipe, share some of your knowledge along with it. Include a few tricks of the chef's trade. Give a few tips that could help the busy mom turn your dish into something special.

Trade journals, tourist brochures, and special interest groups also use recipes. Again, find some that match your specialty.

Another option for having your recipes published is to find a publication that will let you have a regular column. You may find your local weekly paper is a good place to start. Another good place to start is the monthly newsletter for some organization that you belong to.

Some experts recommend that new writers start by submitting to non-paying markets first. When they publish your recipes, you then have clips to show other editors.

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