Psychics Are in Demand: You May Already Have What it Takes to Be One

Psychics always have job opportunities. Work as a tarot card reader or fortune teller. Don't dismiss this as being for only the supernatural with obscure clairvoyant, metaphysical powers.

Psychics Work as Fortune Tellers

What is it that clairvoyants really do? They look at past patterns and future opportunities, and make predictions.

Repeat: They look at past patterns and future opportunities, and make predictions.

There's nothing in that job description about special powers, voodoo, magic, or communicating with spirits. It is about common sense and logic. It is about paying attention to what the client says, as well as to facial expressions and body language. It is about looking at the past, and knowing the past is a good indicator of what is happening now and what will happen in the future.

Don't dismiss this home-business opportunity as being for only the supernatural with obscure clairvoyant, metaphysical powers.

Are You Good at Guessing?

Can you guess right half the time? One expert source is Joe Nicols. He is the author of How to Make A Good Living as a Psychic. Nicols is successfully practicing in Austin, Texas. He says a psychic needs to be accurate at least 50% of the time.

Think about that. You have a 50/50 chance of guessing right. Nicols suggests that for repeat business, you should be 70-80% accurate.

People pay dearly for these predictions. A friend went on a cruise with Sylvia Brown. She paid thousands of dollars for the trip. An acquaintance gave his girlfriend a telepathic telephone consultation. I forget the exact price, but it was several hundred dollars.

The thing that intrigued me about the telephone psychic reading is that he was required to give information about his girlfriend prior to the consultation. I don't remember if it was by phone interview or a written questionnaire, but he provided background information and personal history about his girlfriend. Seems that would highly increase the chances of making accurate predictions.

While attending a craft show, Bob and I wondered into a new age event of some sort that was taking place in the same building. There were vendors doing a variety of massage and fortune telling. They were selling crystals, tarot cards, essential oils, etc.

We stood by as one of the fortune tellers did quick readings of several senior citizens. As I recall, each reading started out with her saying, "You have a grandchild or someone close to you that you are concerned about."

And, what do you know? She was correct every time! Imagine that, that people in their 60s and 70s would have a grandchild, parent, spouse, or close friend who had some issue or problem that they were concerned about. Invariably, the person would reply that yes, so-and-so was having trouble with whatever. The reader would then take that information and parrot it back.

Are You a Good Listener?

It seemed to me that the psychic powers were based on some general knowledge about people, good listening skills, being aware of body language, and common sense.

Is special training required for these psychic jobs? You could buy the cards and prompts at the fair. You could study Nichol's book (I haven't read it). There are also psychic schools and spiritual colleges. A web search will lead you to numerous sites where you can learn tons, including how to develop your powers. While there is certification for professional psychics, I didn't find anything indicating training or certification is required to practice.

Working as a clairvoyant is highly compatible with RVing. You could do this at new age shows or fairs. I've seen people doing tarot readings and similar at flea markets. You could have a job as an on line psychic, do email psychic readings, or telephone psychic consultations. Your psychic hotline could be a work-at-home business. Traveling, you could do guest appearances at metaphysical shops across the country.

People pay to have someone listen to them all the time. They want attention. Psychics listen and pay attention. Then, they repeat back what they've heard. They make guesses based on what the person says and does, as well as their general knowledge of human nature. RVing psychics can make a lucrative income, while filling people's need to be listened to and affirmed.

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