Prospective RVer with Questions

(Laurie asks....)

Laurie, a prospective working RVer

Laurie, a prospective working RVer

What is the best RV to buy for full timing on a budget? I want to hit the road and be a full time RVer and be able to give massages, be a life and relationship coach, and share a fantastic water system for your RV.

I only want to spend about $37,000.00, and I'm curious if anyone has the 2010 Dutchmen, Dutchmen40FPL-DSL Travel Trailer. I'm looking to haul it with a Volvo v70 3.2 wagon.

If anyone can advise me on any of these things, from the car I want to haul, the trailer I want to get, or the jobs I want to do, I would appreciate any feedback.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor replies:

Laurie, I don't have experience with the specific RV that you mention. Maybe someone else will share their opinion about that.

In general, I'd say the best RV for someone on a budget is one that you can afford to pay for in full. That may mean a used one. It may mean one that isn't necessarily thought of as a full-timer's unit. Just starting out, there's no way for you to know what kind of RV you'll need or want for your life as a working RVers. Chances are good that the rig you start with isn't going to be the rig you want to keep. Starting with a less expensive one makes it easier to make the changes you find you want or need.

One thing I have seen over and over again in recreational vehicles is that the cost of the RV does not equate to the quality of the RV.

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Dont Think So

I don't think your Volvo could tow what your looking to buy. If you insist on towing with a 3.2 Volvo the trailer will need to be much smaller. Maybe a pop up or not more than 15-16 feet and light.

Ask a Volvo dealer to provide you with the towing specs.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a motor home and tow the Volvo.

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