Property Caretaker Tips: Hints for RVers Who Do Property Caretaking

Property caretaker tips! Little tidbits to help you find the right caretaker position, to get the job, and to love it. Caretaking opportunities for working RVers are varied and include house-sitting, watching over ranches, tending campgrounds and resorts during the off season, and hosting at parks and lodges, plus more.

Property Caretaker Tips for Working RVers

People looking for property caretakers often want people who are caretakers of the earth. They specify things such as an interest in conservation, protecting the environment, and living in harmony with nature. If you share those values, list them on your job application or resume.

Handyman skills are very marketable. When applying for property caretaker jobs, list the various handyman skills that you have individually. Examples: Basic carpentry skills. Basic plumbing skills. Advanced roofing skills.

Household skills are very marketable. If you have the skills to run a home or estate, list them on your job application. Cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping, secretarial, and organizational skills are relevant for many caretaker positions.

When applying for caretaker jobs, list examples of what specific things you can do. Go beyond saying, "Basic carpentry skills." Consider these examples: "I've constructed a small shed." I've remodeled our bathroom, including putting up new Drywall and trimming." "I've built steps and railing to code."

Property caretaker jobs are diverse. I've seen ads in property caretaker publications looking for an organic seaside farmer; a teacher at an ecumenical institute; and for a holistic home building. Keep an open mind about the possibilities.

The property to care for might be a home, ranch, RV, or seasonal cabin. It could also be a collection of antique cars, exotic gardens, or museum artifacts.

Someone looking for a property caretaker is not necessarily looking for a maintenance man or a handyman. Read the job description or ask to see what they truly want.

Flexibility in what you can do -- and what you are willing to do -- is a highly desired trait of a property caretaker.

Many property caretaker positions involve agriculture. Herb and specialty vegetable farms, organic orchards, and cranberry bogs need workers. Cattle ranchers, horse stables owners, and sheep farmers need workers. They may advertise these openings as property caretaking positions.

Not all caretaker work is caring for property. Some is caring for people. I've seen ads looking for caretakers that wanted nannies, celebrity assistants, and some to watch an elderly family member.

Increase the value of your compensation package with non-monetary benefits. See the article on the benefits of property caretaking for ideas.

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