Property Caretaking Jobs: More Than a Rent Free Place To Live

Property caretaking jobs ... Today you enjoy living rent-free at a beach resort or a mountain retreat. Tomorrow, you live rent-free in a city apartment or on a country estate. A few months from now, home could be a rustic Alaskan fishing lodge. Or, a tropical organic farm community.

Your job as a caretaker is providing the property owner with security. You receive free rent in the process. If the job includes extra duties, you receive extra benefits or wages.

Sometimes, the only duty of the caretaker is to provide a presence. Just making a home look lived in is one measure of security. It increases the security when the caretaker lives on site.

The job of some caretakers is simply to be aware of the surroundings and to report suspicious activity. This is often the case of property caretaking jobs at school yards, mini-storage facilities, and construction sites.

Caretakers sometimes live in the property owner’s main home. Sometimes, the owner has other living quarters for the caretaker, such as a guesthouse, cabin, or apartment.

And, sometimes the caregivers bring their own homes. These caretakers usually live in their recreational vehicles (RVs) – travel trailers, motorhomes, busses, or campers.

Work campers and campground hosts stay at RV parks, marinas, resorts, and campgrounds. RVers also do caretaking on ranches, at museums, for tourist attractions, and other business and personal property.

Property caretaking jobs provide more than a rent free place to live. Some are in exotic locations. They give you the chance to see new places and experience new lifestyles and cultures. While a visitor gets a glimpse of an area, a caretaker gets to become part of the area.

Caretaker positions that require more work offer more compensation. I’ve seen an ad for an estate manager offering $100,000 annual salary, plus a benefits package. More often, though, caretakers receive a stipend. It is also common for caretakers to do extra work for hourly wages.

You can find property caretaker jobs all over the world.

Find the jobs. Enjoy the life. Reap the rewards.

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