Property Caretakers Are As Varied As Their Caretaking Jobs

Good property caretakers are honest and dependable. Those may be the only characteristics they share. Their skills, education, personal preference, background, and outlook on life vary greatly.

Are you a loner? Some property caretakers are. They enjoy solitude. They find working by themselves peaceful. These caregivers work in remote places. They may tend to herds of sheep or other livestock. They enjoy campgrounds, resorts, and hunting and fishing lodges -- in the off season, when others have left.

Are you a decision maker? These property caregivers are comfortable acting on the property owner's behalf. They manage the estates of busy executives, confidently supervising other staff. They work in remote areas, caring for properties as if they were the owners.

Do you prefer less responsibility? Some caretaking positions require that you only act as eyes and ears for the property owner. RVers who park on school grounds, at mini-storage facilities, and at construction sites fall into this group. When they see something suspicious, they don't directly intervene. Instead, they report it the owner or the authorities.

Some folks who do property caretaking like the outdoors. They like to work with the land or with animals. They may like to work with their hands, fixing things. Others are happy spending their time indoors. They may cook, write books, or be caregivers for elderly confined to their homes.

Property caretakers can be career professionals. They may train extensively to expertly perform specific duties. Others see caretaking as a casual way to try new lifestyles and gain new experiences. They seek short-term caretaking positions.

As long as you are honest and dependable, you can probably find a caretaking position that suits you.

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