Property Caretaker Manager

- from Property Caretaker Dennis Manz
(Manager Strives to Leave a Positive Impact)

I started my career as a property caretaker-manager in 2006, and for the last four years have gained valuable experience in some very challenging situations in remote locations.

For example, I was caretaker at an off-grid lodge in the back country of Canyonlands National Park. I provided security and maintenance in the owner's absence. I fed, cleaned pens, and cared for camels, dogs, and chickens on this 50-acre lodge. I attended to guest needs where required and helped with camel tours through the desert.

My next job was property caretaker-manager for a large private residence in the mountains of northern New Mexico. I was responsible for a 2,400 square foot house. After the first couple of weeks I was on the job, the water pipes froze. I was without water for six weeks. I had to carry in 10-15 gallons of water daily. The old water system, which froze because the water pipes were not to code and not insulated, was replaced under my supervision.

I then served as winter caretaker for the Rocky Mountain Biological Labs located in the Elk Mountain range near Crested Butte, CO., for the 2008-2009 winter period. As winter caretaker for the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, I lived at 9,500 feet in the Elk Mountain Range of Colorado. We received 436 inches of snow. I survived eight-mile snow shoe trips to town, monitored a weather station in some very serious and harsh weather conditions, and managed cabin rentals for overnight ski guests. I also cut about

five chords of firewood by hand with an axe for personal and guest use.

During the summers, I have been working maintenance and handyman jobs. I have gained valuable experience in areas of expertise that are critical to the usefulness and overall value of a caretaker living in remote locations. Some of those areas of expertise include animal-pet care, handyman repairs, basic carpentry, building maintenance, vehicle and machinery maintenance, and weather station monitoring.

Working and living in the remote backcountry, sometimes off-grid, requires discipline, perseverance, and very often the ability to function independently without the assistance of anyone else.

I believe the ability to adapt, survive, and succeed in new and challenging situations are things I strive to excel at. Reliability, perseverance, high quality work standards, and trustworthiness are some of the positive traits I possess that you can depend on.

One of the couples I was fortunate to meet and work for as a property caretaker, Alan and Dayna Fisk-Williams, once described me as tenacious in my ability to follow through and get things done.

I always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty and will continue to do so for anyone that entrusts me as their property caretaker.

If you were to look at my resume the first objective listed is to always provide the best services possible and leave a positive impact and footprint wherever I work as a property caretaker. This means always being reliable, conscientious, and sensitive to the property owner’s standards and requirements.


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