Property Caretaker Benefits: RV Parking, Wages, Conveniences, and Freebies

Property caretaker benefits often include rent-free RV parking and utilities. Some property caretaking jobs pay wages, too. On top of that are money saving perks, conveniences, and freebies.

Property Caretaker Compensation and Benefits

I've heard property caretaking described as "rent free living." That may be a part of it, and it often is. But, there's more to it than that. Monetary compensation may also be part of it. And, then, there are all the extras that save you money or simply make life more enjoyable.

Benefits of working as a property caretaker often -- but not always -- include housing. It may be living in the main house on the property, in a guest-house or rental, or an RV space.

Some property caretaking jobs offer hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly pay. Some pay a flat fee for the entire gig. If housing isn't part of the agreement, there's more likely to be monetary compensation. Some agreements are that you can live on the property rent-free for basic house sitting, and that you'll get wages for doing extra work.

Caretaking arrangements can include homesteading and co-farming.

Benefits of property caretaking may include fresh farm foods: eggs, apples and other fruits, garden vegetables, tree nuts, milk and other dairy products, wheat and other grains, meat and poultry, honey, dried legumes, baked goods, and entire meals.

Working as a property caretaker is a wonderful way to learn. Examples: learn new skills, learn about a new culture, get to know a different way of life, interact with people from other backgrounds, and hands-on life and work experience.

One of the biggest benefits of property caretaking may be that you control your time. Many caretaker jobs come with a set of tasks, but you do not need to do them on a set schedule.

Property caretaking can be perfect for artists, writers, and other creatives who need peace and quiet for their craft.

Benefits of property caretaking typically include use of amenities on the property. Amenities might include swimming pools, workshops, weaving rooms, laundry facilities, or boat docks.

Use of the owner's tools and equipment can be a valuable benefit for caretakers. Examples: woodworking tools, metalworking tools, a welder, mechanic tools, spinning wheels, a sewing machine, loom, or a quilting frame.

Benefits may include partnerships and profit sharing.

Space -- in general, and specific spaces -- is another benefit to some property caretakers. RVers tired of the confines of an RV park may relish not having close neighbors. Specific spaces include such things as space for a garden, pasture space for a horse, or garage space to work on a personal project.

Some properties come with recreational equipment that you are welcome to use: kayaks, canoes, jet skies, fishing boats, snow machines, snowshoes, or skies.

There's often tools and equipment available to use. These can be anything from horse tack to spinning wheels, a food dehydrator to a step ladder, or a welder to a serger sewing machine.

And, then, there are priceless benefits. It's impossible to put a dollar value on a breathtaking views, cultural exchanges, and experiencing a new way of life.

Property caretaker compensation may be board and/or room. It may be money. But most always there are non-cash benefits. Consider the entire monetary and benefits package when looking at the value of property caretaking jobs.

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