Professional Counselor

- Cindy

I am a professional counselor and want to hit the road as a full time RVer. Do you know if there are any work camper jobs that would need an on-site counselor?

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Counseling Services

There are countless camps for special needs children, troubled teens, and adults with various challenges that require the services of professional counselors. I would think having an RV so that you can provide your own housing at the camps would be a big advantage for you.

You may also find that some destination RV parks would be interested in having you provide on-site counseling services. Some of them have extensive activities programs and provide all sorts of services for their seasonal residents.

Counselor, You Are Needed

Check out the YMCA and other religious groups dealing with disabilities. They are always in need of people with your skills. You will be contributing to the betterment of this world.

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