Prescriptions and Medical Issues

- Dianne C.
(Houston, TX, USA)

My husband and I both take several prescriptions for diabetes and COPD. How do you get your prescriptions refilled while on the road? Do you tell the employer about your health issues? Just how much do you disclose?

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Filling Prescriptions

One popular option for filling reoccurring prescriptions is to use a pharmacy that has stores across the country (or at least within the regions you plan to travel). If you have your prescription filled at one Wal-Mart, it is in their computer system, and should be easy enough to refill at another Wal-Mart. (I use Wal-Mart as an example, not as a specific recommendation.)

Another option for refilling prescriptions is to use a mail order pharmacy. When it is time for a refill, you order online or by phone. This does require that you plan far enough ahead so that they have time to get through the mail to you before you run out.

Tell your prospective employer about health issues or medical conditions that affect your ability to do the job. Disclose medical information that is relevant to your work performance.

Rx Meds

If you were ever in the military, you can get your Rx thru the Veterans Administration. You can pick up at a local V.A. pharmacy around the country, or they will mail to you wherever you are staying.

Also, many of the national pharmacy chains will keep your Rx in their computer system and allow you to pick up your meds at a local store or while traveling.

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