Platte River Campground Glenrock WY

Grounds Maintenance
Job Duties: Work Camper Grounds Maintenance Helper Compensation: FHU plus salary You will need to have your own RV camper to live in. Seasonal starting May through August. Must be in good health and able to work at 1,000 ft. You will be working outdoors fulfilling the camp maintenance responsibilities which include cleaning camp sites, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, mowing, trimming grass, weed control, and general upkeep of the properties. 100 hours of work per month. 75 hours of work per month for your full hookup site. Water, sewer, electric, unlimited WiFi, propane discounts. Plus 25 hours a month work paid @ $9.00 an hour. Typical schedule is 25-hour work week. Couples will always work together and have the same days off. Or a single work camper at 25 hours a week. More hours will be available with pay. Season runs from May through August 2021. Platte River Campground Glenrock Wy Applications, please send resume, with work history and recent photos to

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