My pets are part of my family and I don't intend to leave them behind. I have three extra large pet dogs that will be with me. Will this be a problem getting a position? How do other RVers who have dogs, or cats or other animals for that matter, deal with this?


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Pets Welcome -- or Not?

It could be.

Some parks don't allow pets. Some don't allow dogs over a certain size. And, some limit the number of pets you can have.

I don't know that it will be difficult to find a park that allows you to have three extra large pet dogs on your site. However, it will likely require that you do a bit more planning and research. There are pet friendly RV parks. You just can't take for granted that they all welcome multiple pets.

If you are working and parking your RV somewhere other than a campground, you have other things to consider. Some employers allow RVers to park on the business premises but ask that you keep a low profile. That's difficult to do with larger pets that need to be walked and exercised outdoors.

If you are working as on-site security, your dogs could be an advantage. You might consider mini-storage or construction site security positions.

A private caretaking position could be another option. Here again, property owners have differing views. Some don't want pets on the property. Others may welcome your pets as watch dogs.

I wonder about working at animal shelters. I'm not sure if your three would be welcome, since they are accustomed to assorted animals coming and going. Or, if they would be viewed as extras in an area already over populated. Maybe some of our readers who work for shelters could share their knowledge on this angle.



I worked at a facility that would not allow dogs in the actual area people resided. But we accommodated the patron by giving them a dog walking trail.

As far as working with 3 large dogs that could be a problem at a regular camp site. Research is your best friend. Find a dog friendly park.

Also, what will you do with them all day when you are working? Three large dogs, sounds like they need room to roam, not couped up in an RV all day. Just a thought.

Good luck and God Bless.

Been There...Done That

We have one large dog and have workcamped now for the last four years. All I can say is, "Good Luck" finding a place! It will not be easy....


We had a wonderful position as volunteers in VA, but when the boss found out that we had four dogs, he said they could no longer allow us to stay there. It took two weeks to find out we had four dogs because they are such good pets!

Keep trying!

I was never asked if we had pets when applying for various positions, so when I apply for a position now, I always mention them and send a picture of them to the prospective sponsor.

We found a state park that could care less how many dogs we have, as long as we take care of them and go about our duties. They have asked us back for next year!

God bless and I pray you find a happy home for you all!

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