Permanent Jobs

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Do you have permanent jobs that pay wages where a husband and wife can both work and make enough money to pay bills, etc?

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Long Term Employment

Yes, there are permanent jobs (long term employment) for RVers that pay wages good enough to live on.

Some are in fixed locations. Look for campgrounds, marinas, and motels that need managers or permanent maintenance workers. Check out mini-storage facilities that need security or on-site staff. Year round theme parks are another option. Other options are museums, fair grounds, and year round living history attractions. Many of these facilities have RV parking, often with full hook-ups, on their properties.

Others are permanent jobs with a single company, but they require travel. Erecting fences. Doing gas line leak detection. Corporate trainers. Educational speakers and seminar presenters.

Another option is working for a temporary staffing agency. Even though you may be going out to different businesses and doing a variety of jobs, you have one employer -- the temp agency.

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