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- Genoveffa
(Boyds, MD)

What does an RVer use as a permanent address? In my current state (Maryland), it is not permissible to use a PO box or other non-permanent form of address on a driver's license. If you are living out of an RV and have no fixed home address anymore, how do you work around this problem of no permanent legal address? Any advice is appreciated.

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Choosing a Permanent, Legal Address

A permanent legal address doesn't need to be a physical address where you have a house or apartment. At least in some states it doesn't.

Many full-time RVers move to states that don't require you to physically reside at your address. Both Texas and South Dakota are popular new home states for full-time RVers.

Choose a mail forwarding service that gives you a street address, not a post office box address. I recommend The UPS Store in Rapid City, SD.

That will usually meet the requirements for your driver license, vehicle registration, voting, insurance, taxes, and other things that you need a permanent address for, whether living in a traditional home or an RV home.

Wondering the same thing...

Hey, Thanks for that article, I was wondering about this myself.

Wouldn't it be more advantageous to use Texas since it doesn't have a state income tax? I grew up there and was thinking about using that idea after I retired.

I would love to hear more about this from people with experience.

Any recommendations for mail forwarding companies in Texas that would fit the bill?


Texas Mail Service for RVers

Hi Jay,

We thought that, too. In fact, we were Texas residents and used a mail forwarding service in Texas our first few years of full-time RVing. But, we later found out it was very expensive.

Neither SD nor TX have state income tax, so there's no difference there. But, there is a lot of difference in insurance rates and other expenses. And then, there is the cost and quality of the mail forwarder, and whether or not they provide the full range of services you need.

The Escapees RV Club in Livingston, TX has a large mail forwarding service for its club members. We used their mail service and were happy with it for basic, personal mail forwarding. I'm not sure how it has changed over the years and maybe someone else will chime in with an update.

Residence & Mail forwarding

My wife and I have been full-timers for the last 10 years. We use a mail forwarding service out of Sioux Falls, S.D. and have for the last 6 years. The name is Alternative Resources. They are very dependable and can handle anything with a phone call except driver's license. No income tax and tax on RV purchase is low. Best deal we've found.

Permanent Address with Mail Forwarding Co

You could use a mail forwarding company that has a PO box and a physical address. For instance, Personal Mail International in NJ does this and provides this for its clients who live all over the world.


I live in Texas, or did. I have an RVer's address and it's a good service. Be careful, though. The PI's in Texas are doing their best to discourage this behavior. I know for a fact if they find out that you are just using it for an address they will report you to your insurance company, they get paid for that service. They will then report you to SSA. I would not use Texas, if I were you. Been there, done that.

Permanent Address Needed

My dad is wondering the dos and don'ts of a permanent address. He has asked if he could use my address to avoid additional expenses. Is this a normal request? Does this happen all the time? Could I jeopardize myself in any way by agreeing to do this? Just wondering if anyone else has experience in this. Thanks

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