Pay per Day to Meet My Budget

(one of our website visitors writes...)

Rather than asking what is the norm or average pay for a particular job, why not turn it around and ask what positions are most likely to pay a total amount per day? I have been working on a budget and I believe I have figured out my current daily estimated need.

The question then is, what types of jobs should I look for? I have decades to go before I reach the Social Security Insurance (SSI) age.


Coleen the working while RVing editor replies:

This question was posted as a comment on another thread, but I think it deserves its own page. I edited it to remove the dollar figures the poster indicated his budget required.

Your approach makes a lot of sense. Figure out a budget that shows how much money you need to live the life you want to live. Then, find work that supports that budget.

Do a Google search for, "jobs that pay $20 an hour" or "jobs that pay $25 an hour" or whatever amount your budget shows that you need. The search should lead you to various articles with specific examples of jobs that pay that particular amount.

When doing your financial plan, remember to add in some for savings and retirement, even though retirement is a long way off for you. Also, plan so that you can set aside funds for emergencies.

Oh, you asked about pay per day and I've been using pay per hour. The reason is that most work pays by the hour. Divide the amount you need each day by eight, and that should give you your equivalent hourly rate.

Another after thought, don't forget taxes and with holdings. You can find payroll calculators online to help you figure out your estimated take home pay.


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