Pay for Ministry Work

- Dean and Karen

My wife and I are going into the full time ministry and we want to work along the way. We want to know if we work, do we get pay? How much would we earn?

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Free Will Offerings Can be Generous

You mean that you want to travel and work your ministry at places you stop along the way, correct? Such as campgrounds, motorcycle rallies, RV rallies, car races, and other events, right?

You may choose to do a volunteer ministry or to work for pay. Make arrangements with each campground owner or event coordinator as you go.

I've been to campgrounds where the ministry collected a free will offering. That offering went to the minister and his family to support them and there and travels.

In cases where the ministry is done through a musical program, I've seen where they charged a set fee at the door of the event. Again, that fee was the pay for the ministerial work.

If you are looking at staying at one park for the season, you might make an arrangement to barter your work for an RV site, utilities, and other park benefits in exchange for a weekly service.

If you set up at a rally or other event, again, you'd need to check with the organizer. They may pay a salary, barter, or let you collect donations.

Another option for you to look into is to work as a substitute pastor for established congregations. Something I'm seeing more of these days is that churches welcome pastors who are not part of their registered denomination. If you are filling in for several months until they get a new pastor, you are more likely to get a regular, competitive salary. If you are doing one service as a visiting pastor, you would be more likely to receive a stipend or special collection.

Donations and special collections can be substantial amounts of money. They can amount to a high hourly pay rate.

RV Churches USA

There's a new ministry that has the mission of getting non-denominational church services and Bible studies at campgrounds across America.

Part of what they hope to provide is a listing of campgrounds that already have services. Another of their goals is to help put clergy and Bible study teachers in contact with campgrounds who would like them.

They have started a website,

Pay for Ministry Work

We stayed at a Christian CG in Pigeon Forge, TN last spring that had a visiting preacher and wife who performed the whole gospel, service, & musical performance 2X per weekend (Sat night/Sun morn). The CG owners provided a space and hookups where the preacher and wife stayed in their trailer all week, as well as the cash donations rec'd when the tambourine was passed for a "collection."

Their names, other than "Preacher Joe," escapes my feeble brain.

During the week they both worked as servers at a local restaurant and did volunteer work at a hospital. They seemed to be making ends meet on the collections, tips and the honorariums earned by conducting weddings and funerals.

Seasonal Emplyment for Itinerant Ministers


Since I am a full time RVer involved in ministry, I wanted to comment.

My wife and I have worked one or two seasonal jobs each year for several years to support our ministry. Our seasonal positions last 10 to 12 weeks each which leaves us six months each year to devote to our ministry. I am a Christian author and we have traveled in ministry over 15 years. We have used seasonal employment as a our base of support for our ministry and to buy us time to write during the off season.

There might be a position available with us from early June to mid August. I would be happy to share our experiences with anyone aspiring to work camp to support their ministry.

Dave Hamer

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