Our RV Work: Some of Coleen and Bob’s Jobs

Bob and I (Coleen) started Workers On Wheels by sharing what work we did while RVing. We wrote from our personal experience as working RVers. We answered questions about what work we did; how we found it; and how others could possibly do the same. We also answered questions about life as working RVers.

That’s still what we do today. Workers On Wheels (WOW) has never been about theory. We’re real. We’re a couple of ordinary people.

We don’t claim to be the biggest, best, oldest, or most authoritative site on earning a living while living in an RV. We simply let you know what has worked for us. And, because there are so many ways for nomads to make money on the road that we couldn’t possibly do all of them, we share what others do, too.

WOW has never been about escaping. It’s not about exploiting a popular trend. We don’t make up cutesy words. We tell it like it is, straight forward and personal.

Our RV Work Continues

We went full-time RVing in the spring of 1992. The summer before that, we had a part-time gig as working RVers. Through the years, we’ve had numerous seasonal and temporary positions. We’ve worked as employees, volunteers, and independent contractors.

Here’s a list of some of the mobile and short-term jobs we’ve done:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Animal care – horses, pigs, ducks, dogs, cats, chicken, etc.
  • Asphalt repair
  • Assembled picnic tables
  • Backhoe operator
  • Bait shrimper
  • Bartender
  • Bicycle repair
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bought, bagged, and resold beans
  • Brake work
  • Brothel tour guide
  • Built bar-b-que pits
  • Built bird houses
  • Built doghouses
  • Built fence
  • Built sea walls
  • Built utility trailers
  • Campground plumbing repair
  • Campground road construction
  • Campground worker
  • Carpentry work
  • Casino cashier
  • Casual longshoreman
  • Chainsaw repair and maintenance
  • City home caretaker
  • Clean out storage buildings
  • Clean up after fire
  • Cleared trees
  • Cocktail waitress
  • Consignment sales
  • Craft show organizer
  • Craft show vendor
  • Cut brush
  • Direct sales
  • Dug and laid sewer lines
  • Dug and laid water lines
  • Events planner
  • Excavated and helped build a fish pond
  • E-zine editor
  • Fair vendor
  • Farm machinery mechanic
  • Fireworks sales
  • Fireworks wholesaler utility hand
  • Flea market vendor
  • Gift shop clerk
  • Gold panning
  • Heavy equipment maintenance
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Help businesses relocate
  • Home repairs
  • Installed exhaust fans
  • Installed RV utility hook-ups
  • Jackhammered out sidewalks
  • Laid asphalt
  • Laid sod
  • Landscape employee
  • Landscaper
  • Lawn mowing
  • Logger
  • Made and sold potpourri
  • Magazine writer
  • Make and sell fishing lures
  • Make and sell jewelry
  • Man Friday
  • Mechanic's helper
  • Mini-storage caretaker
  • Mobile home tear down and set-up crew
  • Motorcycle mechanic
  • Mounted truck tires
  • Mowed hay and bailed it
  • Museum bookkeeper
  • Museum co-manager
  • Museum curator
  • Museum events coordinator
  • Museum fund raiser
  • Museum gift shop worker
  • Museum maintenance worker
  • Museum manager
  • Museum office manager
  • Museum property caretaker
  • Museum tour guide
  • Network marketer
  • Newsletter editor
  • Newsletter publisher
  • Newspaper columnist
  • Office manager
  • Off-site property caretaker
  • Organized holiday bazaars
  • Outboard motor mechanic
  • Paint and sell artwork
  • Painted
  • Picked and sold pinecones
  • Planted trees
  • Plumbed air lines for shop buildings
  • Poured concrete sidewalks
  • Power tool repair
  • Property cleanup
  • Railroad track work
  • Ranch property caretaker
  • Rebuilt a steam train locomotive
  • Repaired steam traction engine
  • Research assignments
  • Restaurant hostess
  • Road construction
  • Rod and reel repair
  • Rodeo vendor
  • RV club magazine columnist
  • RV club magazine editor
  • RV maintenance
  • RV repair
  • Sell tips to magazines
  • Small engine repair
  • Sold antiques
  • Sold RV supplies
  • Specialty show vendor
  • Steam train fireman
  • Steam train welder
  • Stump removal
  • Substitute day care center worker
  • Substitute school teacher
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Temp service employee
  • Tie flies (for fishing)
  • Trapped nuisance animals
  • Travel magazine field editor
  • Waitress
  • Webmaster
  • Website designer
  • Website referral sales
  • Welder
  • Wheelchair repair
  • Worked for an RV manufacturer
  • Wrote e-books for outside publisher

We'll be adding to this list as we do more kinds of work -- and as I think of more jobs that we've done, but forgot to put on this list.

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