Our RV Life

- Ralph & Pam
(Traveling and seeing God's wonderful and beautiful country.)

We started our RV life style seven years ago. We hosted at a state park in Illinois, one of the nicest places to be on the planet. The campers were very nice. The area had lots places to visit, even if you liked trains.

We used to laugh because people would ask us what we got paid for hosting. We said we got full hook ups and $2.00 a day! Most people did not believe that. But we loved that park. We were there for four seasons.

In 2007, we sold our home and started our new life. We, including our dog, becoming travelers.

Our first winter season began at Folkston, Georgia, work camping for a couple who do tours of Okefenoke Swamp. We were with them for four seasons.

Then felt the need to move on, so we worked at a resort campground in Illinois for the spring and summer.

Now, we are in the southern part of Texas, in Harlingen, until April 15, 2012.

Then back to Illinois for summer, or just maybe our RV life will take us some place else.

What I am trying to say is to enjoy your life while you can.

And we want to enjoy traveling and seeing God's wonderful and beautiful country while we are able to. He has been with to us so far!


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