An Online Affiliate Marketing Program Lets You Earn 24 Hours a Day

An online affiliate marketing program can make you thousands of dollars a month. You promote a product on your website and earn a commission for the sales you make. Some are pay per click programs.

Earning with Online Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pay per click affiliate programs do not require a purchase. Your website visitors simply click on the link in the ad on your website. The advertiser pays you each time they do. Some only pay pennies per click. Others pay several dollars a click, or much more.

Those associate programs that pay the most usually require your website visitor to go beyond clicking on the link and actually making a purchase. They may pay a flat rate per sale or a percentage of the total. Again, the rates vary. Some affiliate programs pay very little. Others pay hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale.

Logically, one would think that higher the cost of the item being promoted, the higher the affiliate payout would be. But, that is not always the case. Some companies pay a large amount on an initial sale, knowing the customer is likely to make repeat purchases.

A webmaster affiliate program can -- and should -- work for you 24 hours a day, while you sleep, travel, and play. But, how do you get it to do that?

You need to promote it.

On pay per clicks, that usually means driving traffic to your website where you have the link posted.

If it is strictly an online affiliate marketing program, that is true when a sale is required also. Though some programs give credit for sales made offline as well as online.

One school of thought is that success with affiliate internet marketing it is strictly a numbers game. The more people who see the link, the more people who will respond to it. These folks push the importance of website traffic -- any website traffic.

Others believe it is the quality of website viewers, not the quantity. By quality, they mean targeted. People who are interested in the products. And, who have the money to buy them.

Online affiliate marketing programs can also be promoted through emails. This may be as simple as putting the link in your email signature. Doing so means it goes out with every email you send.

You can also promote through newsletters, social media sites, and paid advertising. Some do have restrictions, though, so read the affiliate agreement.

Most affiliate programs come with all sorts of help for their associates. They most always have e-mail signatures, ads, testimonials, and other promotional material for you to use. While some restrict you to using only the materials they provide, others encourage you to be creative with your marketing.

Using the product yourself, so that you can give a personal testimony for how it works, can be extremely helpful.

Do not send unsolicited e-mail. Besides being unethical, spamming is a good way to get kicked out of legitimate affiliate programs.

Caution: Not all affiliate programs are legitimate. Many affiliate programs are part of respectable businesses, but not all of them are. Be realistic – don’t expect to make millions overnight, or even by next week. Proceed with some common sense.

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