Oil Field Security

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Oil field security jobs are on the minds of several RVers this week. Cathy and Gary write: Coleen, we are looking for a job at on oil rig 24/7. Got any tips? And, an anonymous reader asks if Alcatraz Gate Guard Services is a legitimate company.

Alcatraz Gate Guard Services is not advertising on our site right now. I've had some lengthy back and forth emails with Bobby Fernando, the owner of the company. I also checked with the Texas Attorney General's office and the office of the Texas Secretary of State, along with a couple other Texas agencies. My research shows that Alcatraz Gate Guard Services LLC is registered and in good standing.

Reading the article on our site and following the associated links within it should give you a good idea of what to expect from an oil field security gate job.

Oil Field Gate Guard Services

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Oil Field Guards

I checked at the end of Nov., and Alcatraz is not hiring right now. No idea when he might start again.

What is it like on an oil field job?

myoldrv.com This should give you a very good idea of what life will be like. Be prepared.

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