Oil Field Gate Guards: Security Work in the Texas Oil Patch

Oil field gate guards work with security companies to man the entrances of oil fields, logging traffic. Most of the security guard gate work RVers do is in Texas. RVers typically live in their RVs, on the work site. The gate guard companies pay, and usually, provide utilities.

Oil Field Security Gate Guards

The security companies that hire gate guards for the Texas oil fields hire all year long. However, the demand is usually higher during the summer months. Specific gate assignments range from days to months.

Gate locations vary. Most are in Texas and the neighboring states of Louisiana and New Mexico. Locations are often remote. It is common for the oil sites to be on ranches.

Each oil field security company sets its own pay rate. It is usually a daily rate. Most provide water, power, and sewer disposal services. Electricity is often provided by company owned generators, rather than permanent shore power. Fresh water may be delivered by truck. They may send a pump truck to empty the RV gray and black water tanks.  RVers working the gates tell us there are sometimes additional perks.

Gate guarding isn’t right for everyone. Most of gate guard positions available are for couples. And, most require someone to be on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the assignment. For some RVing couples, gate guard work is too much togetherness. For others, it is not enough, as they alternate shifts, with one person always on the job.

There are, however, security jobs available to solo RVers. They are less common, but they are out there.

For some RVers, the gate guard security jobs are ideal. Being on site, your daily living expenses are minimal. The daily pay adds up to a nice chunk of change at the end of the month. You may make enough working a few months to travel the rest of the year.

In between vehicles coming to your gate, you can work on personal projects. One of our gate guard friends tells me she can hardly believe she is getting paid while she crochets. She relaxes with her craft, in the air conditioned comfort of her RV. When she hears a vehicle coming to her gate, she tends to the gate. When the truck has gone through, she goes back to her air conditioned motorhome and continues her crochet project.

Oil field gate guards need to have a license. It’s my understanding that the test is open book and not difficult. The security companies usually help with this.

Working as an oil field gate guard is something Bob and I have never done. However, other RVers tell us the work is easy and the pay is good.

We often have oil field security companies advertising for working RVers. Look through the current Help Wanted ads on this site to find who is currently looking and taking applications.

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