Oakdale Park

Fritz Sundstrom
(Glen Rose Tx)

Oakdale Park, owned by the city of Glen Rose, Texas. This is the best park I have worked in and I have worked in nine different ones.

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Fritz, can you share some additional information on this campground? What makes it the best? What do they offer campers? Why do you like working there?

Other RVers, if you've stayed at Oakdale, please tell us about your experience. We can help each other!

Here is some general information I found:

The park offers cabins, RV sites, and tenting sites.

Mailing address:
Oakdale Park Motor Inn Campground and RV
1019 N. E. Barnard St
Glen Rose, TX 76043

Phone: 254-897-2321
Phone: 877-713-2340

Email address: Loakdaleparkglenrose@gmail.com
Website address: http://www.oakdalepark.com/

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