No Response to Applications

- A working RVer writes....
(No Response Required, But Try Triple Checking Your Resume)

I have been emailing job applications and most
of these people never respond. That is just rude.

Coleen, the RVing editor replies:

Are you saying that you expect to receive a reply from every business that you submit a job application to? If so, your expectations are very much out of touch with the real business world.

Businesses typically only reply to job applicants that have made at least the first cut. If they aren't interested in hiring you, they don't respond. A business may receive dozens of applications for one position. They sort through them, and select some to pursue further. That isn't rude -- that is normal business practice.

A few more thoughts...

Many emails are never seen by the people you send them to. The ISP may intercept them. They may end up in a spam folder. They may be accidently deleted. You might do a polite follow-up to see if your application was received.

An amazing number of people send resumes and job applications that do not include contact information. That makes it pretty darn difficult for the employer to respond. Again, a polite follow-up may help you.

If the job application you are sending out is not getting the desired response, maybe it is time to change it. Look over your application to see how you could improve it. Make sure it highlights your skills and abilities, not your inexperience. Omit personal information that isn't relevant to the job. Make sure you have your correct contact information on it.

Triple check your resume, cover letter, and any emails you send to see that you are presenting yourself in a positive manner.

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