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(Jena from Hawaii asks...)

Our company is exploring the possibility of being a vendor at some county fairs across the US. I'm exploring how to staff the booths. This is not MLM - we're a small business with a niche product line that needs demonstrations.

Would a national temp agency be the way to go? What about independent sales reps paid via sales commission?

What are the bigger, popular county fairs? We're thinking the LA County Fair in Pomona, CA and Texas State Fair.

Is there a business or exhibitor company that would take care of everything i.e., applying for the exhibitor space, staffing, and sales? Would appreciate your comments about being a vendor at county fairs (NOT craft fairs).

Coleen, the working RV editor replies:

My first thought is that it is too bad that you are not MLM as they do very well at county fairs, state fairs, and craft fairs. The independent associates are each responsible for making their own arrangements and staffing their own booths.

You may be able to find assistants through a temp agency. These day workers could help with hauling in product, setting up displays, manning the booth, and helping to tear down and pack things up after the show. I do not think a temp agency would be the place to turn to find people to make arrangements and manage a county fair booth.

Independent sales reps might work as your niche product vendors. Though, I think it would be best for a company employee to do some fairs first, to learn how to train the reps.

Yes, there are exhibits and events agencies.

I don't mean to split hairs here, but the Texas State Fair is a state fair, not a county fair. Bigger fairs are not necessarily the most profitable fairs. You can find vendor information, including booth rates and applications online.

Many RVers do work county fairs. You may indeed find some to be niche product vendors for you. RVers are flexible and once you figure out what it is you need them to do, advertise for workers, and you will likely get responses.

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Many Ways to Achieve Your Goals.


You could hire a national temp agency that could save you effort and the time involved in recruiting people. But that would create additional operating or marketing expense that you would take from your profits, or fund from your initial startup investment.

Alternatively, you can advertise on here, in Work for RV'ers and Campers, and save yourself the agency costs. Of course you would still need to invest your time in the interview and hiring process of all the interested as well as curious respondents.

Depending on what your product or service is that you want to sell, you may also want to consider attending exhibitions and events that cater to the users and consumers of what you are offering.

You may also want to consider franchising, licensing, or MLM your idea. In so doing, you can have many people attending and arranging functions for you, all over North America, operating independently on their own, running their own business, paying you royalties on their sales, and additionally buying the products in bulk from you.

Whatever you do, keep us posted!

Good luck!

Fairs Products

Depending what your product is, you may be able to show it at other events as well. Hawaiian products go really well in Ca. If you are looking for a person with event experience and 23 years sales experience let me know. I need a job and would love to talk to you.

Selling at Fairs

My husband and I are in the process of looking for a product to sell at fairs. We are from Canada, though, and would be RVing.

Is this what you would be looking for?

email me at


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