Help Wanted Ads Are a Traditional Source of Job Listings

The Help Wanted ads in newspapers are a good source of job listings. For RVers and campers, this means you can preview what's available before you travel to a different part of the country.

You can also find Help Wanted ads on websites, in email and print newsletters, and in magazines. Many of these publications have advance deadlines, though, so don't count on these positions still being open. The job could likely be filled before the publication is printed and mailed.

Even so, those ads can be helpful. They give you ideas of what work is available in a particular area. In trade publications, they let you know about the needs of the industry. You can learn a lot by studying them.

But, back to newspapers… I've looked through a lot of them. One thing that struck me is that the section of the classified ads with job listings is not always labeled “Help Wanted.” Instead, the category heading might be “Job Opportunities.”

You might think the ads in newspapers would be for full-time, permanent positions. But, that's not necessarily the case.

A prime example is the paper I read the morning I wrote this article, the Seward Phoenix Log that covers Seward, AK. Among the positions listed: dog handler, gift shop manager, licensed boat captains, reservationists, boat crew, concierges, laborers, tour bus driver, boat cleaner, cashiers, sales agent, and inventory crew. All of the positions are with tourist related businesses.

I’ve said many times that most jobs are not advertised in print publications. And, that is true. However, you can miss out if you overlook these traditional sources of job announcements.

Go to the page that lists publications with Help Wanted ads.

Go to the Help Wanted ad section, with links to employer profiles, examples of ads, and other articles about using classifieds to find work. 

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