Newbie Working Camper Questions

- Mary & Harold
(Siloam Springs, AR)

We're new to this work camping, so have lots of questions...

1. How do YOU find your next position?
Do you just post to ad sites and view help wanted ads or do you contact individual parks, etc?

2. What do you personally look for when applying for a position? In other words, what is MOST important to you?
~ Site and amenities?
~ Rate of pay?
~ Location?
~ Hours worked?

3. How long in advance do you try to plan work? Do you book positions several months in advance or just weeks?

Thanks for all your help, everyone.

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Work Camping Questions


1. We first look for a location that we want to be in for awhile. Then we simply review all the workamper adds in the area and choose one that we think is most interesting or best for us.

We have also done an on line search for campgrounds within an area we like and have sent out resumes to those spots via Email and fax.

2. The most important things in a quest for us after location are:
1. site amenities
2. hours worked
3. schedule
4. type of work
5. rate of pay

3. We like to begin our search three months or more, but continue looking in the event something better comes along or our situation change.

Good luck to you in your endeavors.

How Do I Find a Job?

1) We use all the tools out there which include this site, Workamper News, KOA jobs, newspapers (put RV in and do an area or nationwide search), word of mouth, and are the usual ones. Any RV forum website will usually have a workamper forum. So far we have found our jobs thru this site, Workamper News, and KOA (although we didn't take the KOA job).

2) Since we still need income to pay bills, we look for jobs that provide site plus wages. Once we decide what area we want to go to, we look for the jobs in that area that provide what we need. Before applying you need to define well what your financial and material needs are, and know what you are willing to do. Many of the park jobs will require at least the man to clean rest rooms. Sometimes, even though the woman will work in the office, they are required to clean rest rooms.

We worked a job in NH where my husband managed the camp store and I worked in the office. We were still required to spot clean the rest rooms twice a week. Usually you cleaned them just before you started your regular jobs or during. This meant being hot and sweaty when you went back to work. I hate cleaning rest rooms, but my husband doesn't.

3) We try to line up the next job as soon as we can. Since our current job goes for a year thru to the end of April, this fall I will try to confirm a job for next summer (if the right one comes along, could be sooner). There are people out there that line them up a couple years in advance.

Good luck in your pursuit for a lifestyle that is fabulous. We call ourselves modern day "gypsies" cause we get restless and have to move on to the next adventure.

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