New Worker Info

- Loma Gibson
(Big Sandy, TX)

I am a Graphic Artist and am interested in the work camping. I have never heard of it till today from a radio station.

I have always wanted to do something like this. I am able to mow and have owned horses and have worked as some customer service too.

I am just wondering what all it involves. I would love to do it. Please if you can help me get some info about different places and what ever it takes.

Thanks so much!

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A Couple of Suggestions to Get You Started

Hi Loma, and welcome.

Start by studying this website. There are hundreds of pages. They will show what a variety of full-time and part-time RVers are doing. They also include a dozen pages of actual job listings so you can see some of the offers being made.

The next thing you should do is subscribe to our newsletter. It is free. I normally email a new issue out every weekend.

Some RVers do volunteer work and receive a free place to park their RV. Some barter, where they trade a required number of hours a week for a campsite. Others work paying jobs, occasionally at campgrounds, but most often not. And, still others own a business they can do while RVing.

After you've read through the website, you'll have a better idea of the possibilities.

Full-time RVing can be a truly wonderful way to live.

Radio Station

Hi Loma,

What radio station in what city did you hear about workampers?

I am aware that the workamper industry is getting more and more national attention. I am compiling information from various media sources and would like to contact the radio station for a tape of the show.

Thank you,

[Editor's note: Share your opinion about the national publicity workamping is receiving. Participate in our Workamping In the News Poll. This link will take you to the poll: Workamping In the News Poll -- Thanks.]

What is Workamping

Loma, just a couple of thoughts come to my mind.

Since you live so close to Whispering Pines, you might be interested to know that at the last time I checked, they have workampers! Another RV resort that hires workampers is over in Canton, also not far from you.

You might want to post a resume on this website also.

But as Coleen said, there are tons of other opportunities for workamping! Good luck in your endeavors,


Job for Loma


Since you are affiliated with such a beautiful park, why not get Loma a job there?


A Job for Loma

Frank, We only have 13 spaces right now, and not a lot of activity, unfortunately.

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