New to Work Camping

- Patti Wilder

We are very interested in work camping about six months of the year. Where can we find a list of campgrounds looking for help and the normal arrangements?

Coleen, the working while RVing editor comments:

Hi Patti,

Check the page on this website titled "Job Listings For RVers: Help Wanted Ads For Workcampers And Working RVers." Here's a link to it: Job Listings Pages of Help Wanted Ads

You can also find that page by looking at the left hand navigation bar. Click on "Help Wanted" and it will take you there.

The usual arrangements are that you contact a campground where you want to work. It is best if you do this in person. Actually, the best way to do it is to go to the campground and pay to stay there for a few days. When you decide you'd like to work there, then ask about a job.

Some RVers like to apply for a job from across the country. I don't recommend it.

You'll likely need to fill out a job application. The campground owner may or may not want a resume. Either way, it is handy to have a resume written out, as it gets your personal information, education, and relevant job experience organized.

Normal employment arrangements are that the employer pays the worker an hourly wage or salary. Campground owners often want their camp hosts and other workers to live on the premises for security or so that someone is there on the off hours. When they require that you live on the campground business premise, for their benefit, they provide you an RV site, and the value of that site is usually not taxable.

Some workampers barter. They trade their labor for an RV site and/or other items of value. These work-for-site arrangements usually require employment withholdings and result in income tax liability. The campground owner may do the withholdings or that may fall to you to do. You may find it easier to work for a salary or hourly wage and then pay for your RV site.

Go to the Workers On Wheels Work for RVers and Campers blog.

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Patti Conact Me

We are interviewing for host positions. Send me an email.

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