New at Work Camping, but Experienced

(Thomas O. asks...)

I've got a huge amount of experience cleaning, some electrical, plumbing, mowing grass, and weeding. My wife has a lot experience computers. We are thinking about doing work camping. But, what does it take to land a job at an RV park/campground?

I live in an RV park. I worked here for about 2 1/2 years doing all kinds of maintenance work. Cleaning restrooms, showers, and the pool. Mowing grass, some plumbing, tree trimming, etc.

I've worked at the Minute Maid plant in Apopka, FL, as general utility work, like cleaning restrooms, showers, labs, and break rooms, and forklift work. I also worked at Disney World in Orlando, FL, doing cleaning in Tomorrow Land.

My wife has two degrees in business management. She is very good on computers.

I just want to travel in the RV and just see a lot of things. And also to meet new people. And, make some extra cash, at the same time.

I do take very special attention to job duties that are assigned to me. Just need to know what's the best way to have a good chance to get a good job at an RV park/campground.

My wife and I live in Sacramento, CA, and I just bought a 33 ft. Presidential Coachmen RV. I hope you can give us some advice on how to proceed on a good experience in RVing. This is a life I would like, and work hard. Have to go now. Thanks.

Coleen, the editor replies:

Hi Thomas,

You may be new to traveling with your motorhome, but you have a ton of worthwhile experience.

What you've written me can serve you well as the base for a resume to use to find campground and RV park jobs. It shows you've aren't a stranger to RV parks. It provides information on where you've worked and what you did on those jobs. It also tells about your work ethic.

You might ask your current supervisor for a reference letter or letter of recommendation. It can be handy to have and it is usually more convenient to get it before you leave than afterward.

Read through the Help Wanted ads on this website. Submit your resume for us to post on this site. You might as well take advantage of both.

When you talk to or email campground/RV park owners or managers about jobs, emphasize the things you can do for them, that you already have experience doing. With your experience and your excitement for this new stage in your life, I think you'll receive offers that pay a wage for all hours worked, along with providing an RV site.

I think the best advice I can give you is to never go somewhere for the sole purpose of a job. Go where you'd like to spend time. That way, even if a particular job doesn't work out for you, you won't have invested time and money getting there for no reason.

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