Need Working Camper

- Val

I am new at this and have a work camper job opening in Oct. It will be for 24 hours for free site and electric. One week the couple would work three days and the next week they would work four days.

We are in central south Florida. The job would be to clean restrooms, pool area, and club house. We are a small 236 site resort. We are close to shopping and a short drive to Gulf Coast beaches.

How would I advertise this on your site??

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Workamper Ad

All you need to do is use the form that you'll find at the following link: Submit free ad

You may want to rethink your offer. Expecting a workamper to work three or four days for an RV site and electricity is asking for a lot. If you are in a very desirable location, or if your park has exceptional amenities, it may be fine.

If the RVer works for site and electric for three or four days, and works a standard five day week, that only leaves him one day to earn enough to cover all of his other expenses -- food, clothing, insurance, RV and other vehicle, phone and other utilities, medical care, gifts, savings and retirement, entertainment, etc.

If I recall correctly, finance experts recommend that housing expenses be no more than 30 percent of a person's income. Using that figure, it would be 12 hours work for housing. That would need to include the RV and its upkeep, as well as the site to park it on.

Wanting Too Much

Amen to the last responder. Employers in this field don't have a clue. But, they wonder why they can't get or keep anyone. Just put pen to paper, divide a month's lot rent by hours and see you want to pay an adult less than minimum wage. I'll just keep looking 'till I find a good owner and I'll stay with them. Larry 989-670-3910

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