MT: Eagle Nest RV Resort

- Mollie Pippen Folmar
(Full-time RVer)

I would like to nominate Eagle Nest RV Resort for one of the favorite work camper campgrounds. If you want a fantastic place to work and explore, come to Eagle Nest RV Resort in Polson, MT.

This park has a wonderful appreciation for the work campers that I wish more parks embraced.

They hire five couples for a park of 56 sites and schedule the work campers to have plenty of time to travel rest, and relax. In the beginning of the season, the ladies work three days on and then are off 12 days, and the gentlemen work four days and then are off 11 days. As the season gets busier, the ladies increase their time to three and a half days. There may be some tweaking of the schedule for next year, but they plan to continue to have the extended days off.

The ladies work in the office and keep the office, recreational and exercise rooms picked up and cleaned. They answer the phone, assist campers with questions, take reservations, and complete check-ins.

The guys spend their entire first day mowing and edging. The remaining three days they help the campers, keep the park clean, maintain the pool and hot-tub, and clean the rest rooms.

During the busiest time of the year here in Montana (July and August), you might have longer than average work days for late reservations and check-ins. As the season slows down, the schedule becomes three days on and 12 days off for the couple.

The current work campers have been coming back here for years, which says a lot about the owners and the park environment.

Polson, Montana is located on the Flathead Lake and only one and a half hours from Glacier National Park. We are south of Kalispell and north of Missoula where more extensive shopping can be done if you are so inclined. Our park is within walking distance of Wal-Mart and Safeway. There is a long bike and walking trail in the area.

The park will be looking for work campers for the 2012 season. As much as we loved being here, we are going to continue to work on our bucket list However, we realize we are spoiled and wonder if we will ever find a park with such an awesome appreciation for the work campers and their time off. We hope that if the opportunity presented itself in the future, we can return to Polson, MT, and Eagle Nest RV Resort.

Please go to their website at and/or visit their Facebook page and see all the pictures.

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